Glomeromycota SPECIES LIST


In the species list, we refer to 'EP numbers'. This is numbers we use as identifiers for 'species characterized by DNA-barcoding', whereas we focus on the LSU D2 region as a barcode. Together with species resolving analyses, the use of these numbers allows cross-study comparability, even if species change their name, or become synonymized. However, please note that many - also of the recently described - AMF are poorly defined by DNA barcoding. In the majority of cases of recent descriptions, the intraspecific variability of the species is not characterized at all. This means, it is difficult, to identify these species based on DNA sequences, and to interpret close relatives. There is even publications that are clearly using biased, subjectively selected sequencing data - very problematic issues, hard to solve because corrections are very time consuming.
We also use the EP numbers to indicate species we know from environmental studies only - based on the SSU-ITS-LSU DNA fragment we had established as barcoding marker for AMF more than a decade ago.


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